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Outdoor Lighting and Area Lighting – Moon Light IP65

One of the latest products developed by ENARLUX is the Moon Light IP65, a professional product range of outdoor lighting and area lighting, with dimensions of 642 * 260 * 125mm and 800 * 790 * 235mm which varies depending on the power.


Optics in LED lighting

Optics is one of the key factors in the operation and duration of the LED lights. Optics in LED lighting design based on mirrors, lenses and elements that help control the projected light.


Led luminaries in explosives atmospheres

In 2003 the European directive for explosive atmospheres ATEX ( French Atmosphères Explosibles ) entered into force , which requires to acquire a series of equipment and an environment suitable for the development of activities in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Special Mention FECONS2016 – Category “ Systems and Technologies”

Enarlux received the award for the best quality with the Modular LED Lighting System High Performance in the category of “Systems and Technologies” in FECONS.


Meanings of Certificates

Meanings of Certificates With the growth of LED lighting industry, the world has placed more emphasis on the quality of products.


International Trade Fair of Solutions for Electric and Electronic Industry MATELEC

This trade show has an international reputation in Electric and Electronic Industry. The sectors represented are: -Tecnology and components for electric instalation. -Lightec: Lighting solutions.



In less than a month, is going to take place in Madrid between October 28 and 31 in the Exhibition Centre of Madrid, IFEMA, MATELEC: International Trade Fair of Solutions for Electric and Electronic Industry in the pavilions 2,4,6 and 8.


Color temperature in LED

Temperature scale What is color temperature of a light source? Is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that light source.


LED Lighting for Schools

Lighting level or lighting intensity is really important. A bad lighting can be harmful and also  cause of headaches, eyestrain  (do any task without a proper lighting can damage sight irreversibly) stress etc.


LED transformers

What are they? Different to conventional bulbs and fluorescents, and as many other electronic devices, some LED are not directly connected to the power source and need a transformer or driver.


How does LED work?

You have probably heard before what a LED is, or a little history about them. The many uses LED tech has but, do you know how they work? We are going to try explain in a good easy way. How they work.


Reactive Power

Reactive power: What is it? Sure you have heard about it, but maybe you have searched in the Internet and found that every explanation about reactive power is very technical.


Basic illumination concepts you should know

Basic illumination concepts you should know We are already experts in illumination, but we sure consider you should also have some clear basic concepts about the science of light. Here we explain some. Luminous Intensity.

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